Please join us for the fourth annual Come Forage dinner. Chef Whittaker of Forage and Timber restaurants, is back again to treat your taste buds with his sublime BBQ creations.

Click for tickets and info.

Come Forage 2016

Fraser Common Farm is a community farm that has been cooperatively owned and managed for nearly 40 years.

Through a unique balance of food production, habitat conservation, communal & individual housing, and a sincere desire for long term sustainability – this is a social and community experiment, a work in progress, and a dream come true.

We are a small community, diverse in age, skills and interests. Our numbers are small, with a  group of residents hovering around twelve, and our goals are big. During the farming season, our numbers increase to near twenty – seasonal workers and volunteers are at the core of our food production. We care about the food we grow, and the land upon which we live. We have composting toilets throughout the farm and in some of our homes. We grow organic food – including pre-cut salads, vegetables, culinary herbs, edible flowers, and some fruit. And the food tastes really great.

We also have a medium sized flock of laying hens – and our eggs are the best eggs, ever. And there is a rumour that we will soon add some pigs and some sheep to our livestock population. We also make beer, and we preserve vegetables. We make pickles, sauerkraut, and music. Most of us drive small cars – and we do have a tractor – though we try to haul most things around on two old farm carts.

We have bonfires, we host celebration events, and we hang out with each other, and with our friends. We do things together, and as individuals. And when each day is done, we call Fraser Common our home.

Fraser Common Farm is also home to Glorious Organics Co-op which is the farming business on the property. Take a look around the website, and then come on out to the farm sometime.